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Being raised in the small town of Tehachapi, California, ​I was destined to fall in love with the farm life. We grew up with chickens, goats, horses, donkeys, dogs, etc. and at a very young age I realized I always wanted to live that life. Unlike most kids who play conventional sports, I grew up rodeoing... but I had to put that on pause when I made the decision to move across the country to attend the University of Tennessee.

After meeting my husband at UT, we got married and worked our way down to Georgia. For the past five years, I've worked in medical device sales and have absolutely loved it. But now that I'm a mom, it's time for a new chapter of staying home and raising a family. We currently have two horses, a dog, cat, and seven chicks to keep us busy at home! 

We found our dream home in northern Georgia that was recently renovated and ready for a new family to enjoy. Over the past year we have made garden beds, re-vamped our barn, built fences, a chicken coop and so much more. Follow along as we continue to improve our property one project at a time!


I recently started making polymer clay earrings. These earrings are light weight and slow made. Check out my work in the "shop" section of this site!


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