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Adding a baby to your homestead

When I found out I was pregnant, I had no idea how I would juggle baby life and farm life. I knew that our baby would have to tag along with me on all our daily chores, but I had no idea what that would look like. I started looking for some advice on the internet and couldn't find anything.... so it was trial and error when our baby finally arrived. I am writing this blog in hopes that expecting moms will read this and find some useful tools/products for toting a baby around the property!


newborn stage:

For itty bitty newborns, the wrap works great! I used THIS wrap from amazon during the first month. We were in the dead of winter, so it helped keep him warm and cozy while I was outside working. My biggest issue with this wrap was that it was SO time-consuming to put on and adjust. But if you don't mind the hassle, give it a go!

infant stage:

I got the ergobaby 360 because everyone told me it was the best. Contrary to most opinions... I was not impressed with it. It was very bulky and I had a hard time buckling it by myself. I watched multiple YouTube videos on how to use it and still couldn't get the hang. I turned to the BJORN MINI and fell in love with it instantly. SO easy to put on, SO quick, and the material is soft and comfy for your baby. I use this carrier all the time... whether it be for cleaning stalls, cooking dinner, calming down a fussy baby, etc. it's my favorite!

Stroller Accessories

Now that it is full blown summer in Georgia, it's a bit too hot to carry my baby while doing chores around the property. I have found these items below to be extremely helpful in keeping my baby entertained and cool.... happy baby happy mommy, right?!

stroller fan:

I found THIS fan on amazon and love it so much I actually ordered another! the best thing about it is you don't have to worry about batteries because it comes with a universal charging cord and lasts for a good amount of time. Another great perk about the fan is that it keeps the flies off your baby!

carseat cooling liner:

I found THIS cooling liner on amazon and am pretty happy with it. It works well for quick trips out to the barn when it's super hot, but definitely doesn't stay cold for too long when it's in the 90s. After researching, it seems that is the issue with most carseat liners.... but I like it for the quick trips outside!

baby toys:

My biggest advice is to bring ALL the toys for entertainment out to the barn and rotate them. I bring THESE teethers, THESE soft books, and multiple pacifiers to keep him happy. If I see he is losing interest, I'll take one toy away and give him a new one.

rain cover:

Rain rain go away.... Throwing a rain jacket over my baby and me with a wrap wasn't a big deal, but when I started trying to bring him out in the stroller... we had some major issues! I was trying to put the biggest rain jacket we had over the stroller and run as fast as a could to the barn- jacket falling off, getting muddy, baby getting wet... you get the picture, it was miserable. I finally purchased THIS stroller rain cover off amazon and it makes my life so much easier when we get those good Georgia summer rainstorms. I actually just leave it in the bottom of my stroller because you never know when it will start pouring!


In the end, it's always going to be an adjustment becoming a mom AND doing farm chores. We are all going to struggle, but will eventually figure out what makes it easier to do those every day outside chores with a baby on your hip. I hope these tips make your life a little easier as you become a ranch mom! YOU'VE GOT THIS!



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